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Intuitive Healing Series:

  • Dissolving Resentment: Exchanging Pain For Peace
  • Rewriting the Past: Resolution for the Present Moment
  • Honoring Sacred Wounds: Releasing Grief & Loss
  • Tapping Into Tomorrow: Engaging your Subconscious Mind to Create Your Future Now
  • Elevating Vibration: Moving Into a Higher Frequency to Alleviate Depression

Freedom For The Body:

  • Active Releasement Exercise: Removing Emotional Trauma From the Physical Body
  • Fibromyalgia: Understanding What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You
  • Chronic Fatigue: Lifting The Veil of Worry & The Burden of Shame
  • Migraines: Releasing Control & Receiving Peace
  • Insomnia: Letting Go & Giving The Mind Permission To Relax

Mastering Forgiveness:

  • Body Mapping Meditation: Exploring the Emotional Landscape of your Body
  • Constant Grace:  Living In the Presence of Divine Love
  • Expanding Compassion: The Creation of Your Sacred Heart
  • Eliminating Anxiety:  Enveloping Freedom by Accepting Your Imperfection
  • Manifesting Abundance: Experiencing Prosperity In The Present Moment


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