Did You Know That:

A lot of the memories from your past may not even be very accurate.

The brain is an amazing creation.  It can perform tens of thousands of tasks simultaneously.  But when it comes to memories of the past - how accurate are our recollections?  It turns out, not very.  According to studies on memory accuracy, it appears that the brain may fudge quite a bit - giving us illusions that only seem to be anchored in fact.  Based on this information it stands to reason that perhaps some of the memories that trigger the release of the most damaging neurotransmitters within us may not even be entirely true.  What does this mean?  It means that we not only have the ability to recreate our past - but we also have good reason to do so.  Are you thinking this is just a ridiculous theory?  Well, then let me ask you this.  How is it that you experience a negative or painful or even a happy memory?  

  1. In a Thought:  You remember an event which immediately triggers an emotion.
  2. In an Emotion: which triggers the release of vibrationally matching neurotransmitters based on the energy of the emotion you are experiencing.
  3. In your Body:  as waves of pleasurable sensations, such as your heart feeling warmed by the memory.  Or perhaps your stomach going into knots in response to some negative aspect of the memory.
  4. In an Action:  Possibly you pick up the phone to call an old friend.  Or you go into avoidance or maybe you fall into depression and have to take a sick day.

So, why then wouldn't it be feasable to re-write - or should I say RE-FEEL those old memories and events consciously in order to benefit your overall well-being?

By using creative cognitive programming we can change the functional memory of our experiences.

The functional memory of an experience is the catalyst that creates the emotion within us that sets off the hailstorm of actions that either bless us or curse us in our lives.  Establishing a new set of beliefs, or point of view surrounding an old event immediately begins to tear down and break those old patterns of negativity that keep us in a state of attracting more negative experiences to us.  We set up the process of reprogramming our memory with positive aspects of events from our past by journeying to those memories in our thoughts.  From there, we engage our emotional centers which build up the feelings of positive emotion, such as love and gratitude.  These emotions are responsible for triggering the brain to produce and signal the release of "feel good" chemicals within our bodies.  This positive experience or feeling aligns us with the energy of what we are trying to bring to us in our lives.  This is how the Law of Attraction works.  And it is working all of the time - whether we are consciously using it or not.

The past doesn't exist. The future doesn't exist. Only the present moment truly exists.

We spend most of our lives regretting the past and fearing the future.  Both of which are non-existent.  The only moment that has any power at all is the present one.  Why choose to live in a powerless place when you exist in a moment right now that offers you every opportunity to attract everything you wish to have or experience in life.  And all you have to do is learn to FEEL GOOD.  And when do we FEEL GOOD?  We feel good when everything is as we want it.  When will that happen?  Whenever we decide to create the chemical and emotional landscape in our minds and bodies that tell our subconscious that we are already living in the presence of our intention. If life is a stage and we are the actors, perhaps it stands to reason that we should use all of the parts of ourselves to bring together all of the energies that will create the life we want, the relationship we want, the happiness we want - right now. 

Neurosculpting Your Best Life

Recreate Your Past

Is there something in your past that haunts you?  Would you like to find a way to reconcile your emotions and lay old pain to rest?  There is always something positive that comes out of negativity.  It is the nature of the world we live in.  Sort of like yin and yang.  One cannot exist without the other.  You can use these silver linings to remove the pain.  This will help you stop attracting more of the same kinds of experiences.

60-Minute CUSTOM Audio Session For $39.99

To Order:  Just send a detailed email to me for review.  After I go over the details of your request you will be invoiced for payment via paypal.  Your session will be delivered as a high quality downloadable .mp3 file.  PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE WHICH PROGRAM YOU ARE ORDERING.

Reconcile A Past Relationship

Have you lost a friendship or other close relationship and you can't quite move past it?  Oftentimes, we can only see a painful relationship situation from our point of view.  It takes moving to a higher vantage point to gain the clarity needed to establish a clear picture of the situation.  Once the ego has been silenced the heart can heal any wound.

60-Minute CUSTOM Audio Session For $39.99

Reconnect with Love Energy

It's so easy to fall into regret and self-condemnation, isn't it?  Hindsight is 20/20 and I think it's safe to say that everyone would have made better choices in life if we had known then what we know now, right? There is a process of reconciliation that can help you change the way you feel about yourself and your choices.  There is power in compassion.  Learn how to remove limiting emotional reflexes through mindfulness, positive focus and self-forgiveness. 

60-Minute CUSTOM Audio Session For $39.99