Audit a Workshop

I am always looking for volunteers to participate in my workshops before they go live and give feedback on their experiences.  If you would like to participate in this or any of my programs please click HERE.

How Our Emotions affect our physical bodies

Our bodies are a chemical soup filled with neurotransmittors that affect our tissues and can interfere with our bodies natural processes.  If you're interested in learning more, please click HERE.

Guided Theta Healing Session

 Releasing Resentment Guided Meditation 💙 Theta Healing Experience.  I personally LOVE this meditation created and led in a live setting by Lisa Beachy. To view click Here.

Touch Therapy

As human beings, we are created to require nurturing touch.  There is just nothing quite as healing as a therapeutic massage to relax the mind and the body.  If you and a partner are interested in a live, hands on  workshop in massage therapy don't hesitate.  Spaces are limited.  Live workshops are available in the Harrisonburg, Virginia area and are facilitated by Licensed Massage Therapist & Massage Therapy Instructor Betty J. Coffman.  For more information, click HERE.

Online Reflexology Workshop

An online self-care workshop designed by massage therapy instructor Betty J. Coffman to include stress management and mind/body awareness to enhance your over all well-being. For more information, click HERE.

Mind/Body Connection

 Dr. Joe Dispenza - Evolve your brain