Custom Recorded Audio Programs

Centering & Balance

If your life feels a bit crazy you're not alone.  Try one of my guided meditations for a mid day pick me up or to help you fall asleep after a long day.

Healing Journeys

Tell me a little about your situation and circumstances and I will record a healing journey meditation just for you.  Targeted for your individual concerns your healing journey meditation will focus on releasing negativity and clearing the way for healing energy to move in your life and body.

Active Releasement Exercises

Once you have completed your bodymapping exercises I can create a custom Active Releasement Exercise to help you focus in on problematic areas of stuck energy using body awareness, musical rhythm and focused emotional entrainment to saturate your physical body with positive chemical mediators that have been shown to influence healing and relaxation. mechanisms in the body.

Discover New Ways To Heal

Body Mapping Exercises

Find out what your body is trying to tell you about past relationships and experiences.  Pain isn't always just about the body.  Many times old emotional wounds can and do stick around in the form of chronic aches and pains.

Forgiveness For Healing

Holding unforgiveness forces our bodies to live within a toxic soup of negative neurotransmitters that act to break down tissue and create havoc in our health.  Freedom can be found in the act of True Forgiveness.

Free Beingness Exercises

These meditations were recorded in a live class setting. Listen and practice any time FREE!  Although these guided journeys were made for therapeutic massage practitioners and students, anyone can benefit from their powerful, inspiring messages.